Colour Development

During colour development I learned about the use of tonal colours, primary colours, secondary colours and monochrome. We looked at cut outs by Matisse and how he used colour and shape.

Cut out by Matisse
Cut out by Matisse

From this I created 4 A5 cut outs using colour in different ways.  

A5 cut outs

A5 cut out using primary colours

A5 cut out using secondary colours

A5 cut out using tonal colours

Monochrome A5 cut out

I made these cut outs by referencing objects through a viewfinder.

Reference objects through a viewfinder

Before I made the cut outs I did some quick sketches of what I saw through the viewfinder.

Sketch of reference objects

I enjoyed this workshop because I got to experiment using colour in different ways and created some abstract pieces of work.


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