Life drawing

I had never done life drawing before so I was unsure of what I was going to produce, however I was quite surprised at the drawings I did. 

1st attempt

During my first attempt at sketching the figures I realised how difficult it was to get proportions correct, so I had to correct myself a few times. I also found it difficult to draw in a restricted time because I had to draw quickly while looking at the models.

2nd attempt using colour

I used one colour along with conte for one drawing however I didn’t like the effect it had.

A2 sketch using willlow charcoal

I really liked the sketch where I filled in the background first, and then drew the figures on top. It allowed me to use a rubber to highlight with and also allowed me to smudge to get shadows and produce more depth of tone.

A1 sketch using soft pastel and charcoal

I found it harder to draw on A1 paper because of the larger scale. I used blue pastel to add some colour and shaded in the background before I started sketching.

Gesture sketches on A2 paper

I enjoyed sketching gestures more because there was a variety of poses and i only had 2 minutes for each sketch.

A2 gesture sketch

During the larger gesture sketch I focused on getting proportions correct rather than tone and shading. I found that using vertical and horizontal objects made it easier to judge the proportions of the figure.

A2 sketch

This A2 sketch of a semi reclined pose was my favourite to draw because I shaded the background before which made it easier to highlight using a rubber. I had more time on this sketch to get proportions correct so I think it turned out better than the previous attempts.

Overall I enjoyed life drawing and definitely  improved the 2nd time doing it. I learned that it’s difficult to sketch proportions, especially under a time limit.


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