Golden Thread gallery visit

Living in a Classless Society, 2016

I visited Golden Thread for the first time and saw ‘Epiphany of Insignificance’  by David Sherry. At first I was a bit shocked when I walked in a saw a huge mixed media head with a ladder sticking out of it and a rather interesting suitcase in the middle of the floor.

Total Crap, 2016

However as I looked closer at the images and displays I started to understand what Sherry was trying to get across. He has asked the question ‘why have we classed ourselves by money or aspirations?’.

Total Crap, 2016

Sherry explains “many of the new ideas for works come from aspirations of social and monitory success, classing others and self- positioning through ideas of wealth and ownership”. His objects on the shelf made me realise that society does class eachother on the possessions we have, and even we as individuals seperate all our possessions into good, better and best. It makes me think does it really matter what we own because we’re all the same, we’re all humans. We shouldn’t be seen as better or worse because of the things we own it how much money we earn or what job we have.

Big-headed ladder, 2016

Sherry also said the idea of ‘moving to a better postcode’ stuck in his head “like an ear worm”, and this inspired his ‘Big-headed ladder’ and ‘Wee headed ladder’ pieces. In puts into perspective the dreams and desires of some people. Someone people have big dreams like ‘moving to a better postcode’ or maybe getting a dream job or owning expensive things, whereas some people have small dreams like paying the months rent or maybe finding a job in the first place.

Wee headed ladder, 2016

This exhibition also told me that the most simplistic objects and images can put across an important message. As an art student I realise I can be quite powerful with what I choose to produce and what message I want to get across to the world.

Overall I liked this display once I got over the initial confusion.

Everythings Sooo Clear, 2016

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