Thoughts on week 2 lecture 

Weeks twos’ lecture was given by Alison Gault from textiles and fashion on the subject of Placement and Employability.

She gave us a valuable insight into the creative industry and told us how this industry was one of the fastest growing in the UK, which shut down a lot of myths about how art students won’t be successful after their degree. She also explained to us that we should take any opportunity to go on a placement in the UK or abroad to gain experience. A lot of emphasis was put on creating a good CV and keeping it short but tailoring it to the readers wants. As well as a good CV it’s important to build a great portfolio by being experimental, using colour and show evidence of development of ideas. 

Alison introduced me to a term called ‘work-based learning’ which can include competitions, real scenarios and industry led projects. It made me realise that I need to get as much experience as I can.

Overall week twos lecture gave me a sense of reality of what working in the creative industry is like and what I need to do to have the best chances of being successful.

“Creativity means looking at the same information as someone else and seeing something different”- Michael Michalko


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