Thoughts on week 3 lecture

Fine art overview

This weeks lecture was given by two staff members from fine art: Dougal McKenzie and Bill Penny. They came from different specialities within fine art and gave us an overview of the entire course.


Dougal specialises in painting so he gave us some information about painting within the fine art course. He emphasised that the course can be tailored to suit our needs and specialities, and explained that we don’t have to do only painting. He showed us examples of past students who were painters but ended up using different media for their degree show. Dougal also made an important point about how the staff encourage the students to discover their own style and not to conform to trends.

He gave us examples of some painters who didn’t confine to any trends and their work ended up being very popular. I particularly liked the style of Amy Sillman because of her use of colour and her abstract style. She didn’t conform to what anyone else wanted and painted what she wanted to paint.

Amy Sillman, Psycology Today, 2006

Another artist I liked was George Shaw who pushes boundaries with his use of materials by using model paint to create his images. I like his style because his paintings look quite dull and depressing, especially because of the images he chooses to paint.

George Shaw, Scenes from the Passion: Late, 2002


Bill Penny specialises in printmaking so he talked to use about this area within fine art. He told us that it’s important to be committed to whatever subject we choose and to have self motivation. He showed us his work over 30 years and it made me realise how far you can go in life through printmaking, and fine art in general. He had the opportunity to work with many people on projects in many countries.

Overall I found this lecture quite interesting because I’m considering doing fine art in the future, so it gave me some insight into what the course is like and what the staff are like.


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