As part of a new workshop (exploring workshop practises) I had the opportunity of trying out printmaking for a day. 

1st attempt

For the first part of the day we used black ink and used a range of tools to remove the ink from the plastic board. In my first attempt I used as many tools to as possible to experiment with mark making. I particularly liked how something like a credit card can be used to create beautiful marks across the board.

I started to think more about the composition of the print and decided it would be nice to have solid areas of black and white. I cut out rectangles of paper and placed them on top of the ink to create white areas. I also used string to create a contrast with the straight edges of the paper.

Later in the day we moved into colour which I thought made more interesting and striking prints. I also experimented adding ink onto the plate using wallpaper, this created some really nice patterns and designs.

Overall I enjoyed printmaking and I may consider choosing it for semester 2.


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