Emma Talbot 

On Thursday 27th October Emma Talbot came to uni to do a talk about her work. I had never heard about her work before so was interested to see how it looked.

She began by telling us she drew from her mind and didn’t plan her work, she just went with the flow and tried to capture her thinking. She uses basic materials like watercolour and paper. She also said she didn’t correct her mistakes.

Holes and Stains and Marks

This painting is about her days as a BA student living in her apartment. She included text from T.S Elliott’s poems to support her image. She talked about how this painting captures one place where she lived when she was a student and she shows her experience there and then when she left at the end. I like how the background looks like wallpaper so it makes you feel like kite looking through a wall. I also like how the wallpaper is marked and dirty because it shows what the apartment was like when she lived there.

I really liked her paintings because they each have a very deep and personal meaning to her. She makes intricate backgrounds which give her a distinct style.


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