Helens Bay

As part of the sculpture aspect of the workshop (exploring workshop practises), we visited Helens Bay to use the environment around us. We worked in groups using natural and man-made materials to create sculptures in the natural surroundings.

Water painting

One of our ideas was to use water to paint on rock. I liked how the water created temporary shapes before it dried, it also looked quite ancient.

String & Cling film

Another sculpture we created was string and cling film wrapped around trees in the forest. The string and cling film are a visual connection between the tress, similar to their roots underground which are all connected or close to each other. I really liked how this turned out because its quite visually striking.


My favourite sculpture of the day was experimenting with water. We filled buckets with water and then threw the water out and captured what shapes the water was forming in mid air. It produced some beautiful images and it was interesting to see the shapes and forms the water made when time was frozen.

I really enjoyed the day because it gave a chance to learn more on what sculpture is actually about.


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