Lens experiment

As part of the ‘consider’ workshop, we had the opportunity to use photography, one of my favourite things. We were given a small project to complete in which we could be as creative as we liked.

Our brief was to make or find a frame and take pictures of 5 objects through the frame. The frame could be anything from your hand to a tube or a pinhole. The images we were told to capture were trees, a horizon, something tiny, a moment and the contents of my pocket. 


For my ‘trees’ image, I used a CD as a frame and shot through the centre to capture the trees. I like the bold colours produced by the CD and also the reflection of the field gates.

A horizon

For my horizon image I shot through a hole in a field gate. I like the way it makes you feel you are peeking through a small hole. I also like how the edges of the hole are not sharp so it almost fades into the actual horizon image.

A moment

My moment image was a cow eating some grass and staring straight at the camera. For this image I used the horizontal bars of a hate to frame the picture and I like how the vertical bars of the hay feeder create a linear contrast.

The contents of my pocket

To capture the contents of my pocket I placed money and keys on a table and shot through my hand. I had a light shining on the coins so it created a nice effect since the frame of the image is black.

Something tiny

To capture something tiny I decided to use a pin. In the background I included a measuring tape and thread to add to the theme of sewing. I shot through a spool of thread which created a nice soft frame. I liked how the frame was circular it helps to draw attention to the pin in the centre.

I really enjoyed this experiment because it allowed me to be creative with my choice of frame and image. 


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