Today we had an animation workshop as part of the ‘tell’ section of Exploring Workshop Practises. I was quite excited about this because I had never tried animation before and was interested to see how to do it.

Firstly, we created quick storyboards to plan out our animations as its important to know what you’re doing first and to create a story.

Bird Hatch Storyboard
Balloon Pop Storyboard

Then we used Photoshop to create our animations which I was surprised about, I always believed Photoshop was only used to edit photos and not create animations. My first animation was true to one of my storyboards.

Balloon Pop
My first animation was about a figure blowing up a balloon until it bursts. I thought it would be difficult to create this but the more I played around with Photoshop timeline the easier it got. It too me around an hour to create this very simple animation. Although the idea was simple, it got quite complicated because by the time I was finished I had so many layers on Photoshop it was hard to keep track.

Stick man
For my second animation I decided to animate a stick man and make him walk. This was much harder than I thought it would be but I worked it out and I’m happy with the result. This one took a lot of patience because I had to make sure the timing of the legs and arms matched to create the walking illusion.

I really enjoyed this workshop because it gave me a chance to experience what animation is like and how hard/simple it can be.


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