Graphic design workshop

As part of our current project ‘tell’ we went to a graphic design workshop.

During this I learned that graphic design is about communicating a message through letterforms, images, photography and more. It interprets a style or a hidden meaning and allows you to say something creatively. 

We learned lots of definitions around graphic design such as typography and about Joanne’s Gutenberg who invented the first printing press with moveable type in 1439. I was surprised that typography has been around for that long.

“Typography: the mechanical notation and arrangement of language”- Phil Baines,2003

As part of this workshop we had a brief to create an illuminated letter. This letter could be drawn, made or photographed and could consider any style, format and process. I was inspired by the work of William Morris who was a Victorian illustrator. He created detailed and elaborate illuminated letters. I was immeadiately stunned by the detail in his designs and beautiful floral patterns and I wanted to recreate this myself.

I chose the letter ‘R’ for my design and incorporated a rose design with it, the ‘R’ symbolising the rose. I kept my work in monochrome to mimic the artists style and kept the letter font classic. I’m pleased with how it turned out.


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