Product and Furniture Design workshop 

As part of our ‘tell’ project we had a product and furniture design workshop. Although this workshop was quite short we produced some very creative and visually pleasing results.

Our task was to create and interesting object usin a template and card. To inspire us we looked at the work of Manchester based designer Liam Hopkins, who creates geometric forms which often end up as lighting pieces, furniture and spaci structures. His work is quite minimalistic and modern but at the same time it’s complex and beautiful.

For my piece I did a lighting piece. I found it quite tricky to arrange all my shapes into something symmetrical or cylindrical, so it took me three attempts. The result I liked produced a star shape which I really liked, it reminded me of a paper windmill.

After this I created another lighting piece which was smaller and consisted of a different template. By this stage I had become quicker at assembling the pieces together and at manipulating the card.

I loved the shadows created by this piece.

Overall I enjoyed this workshop because it was hands on and it was quick and easy to create interesting and quirky objects from card.


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