As part of our ‘tell’ project we looked at typography. We studied different artists techniques and explored how to create interesting designs using a range of fonts.

I was inspired by Pentagrams work for the London Design Festival 2016. They’re use of huge oversized letters create beautiful effects as their letters are cut off the page. I also like the use of only two colours which creates a sharp contrast between the letters and the background.

I was also inspired by the work of Erik Brandt who distorts his letters and flips them upside down. This technique makes the reader study the words in more detail.

I started off photocopying an ampersand and layering lots of them in a circular pattern on an A6. 

Then I copied this design further in different sizes and layered these.

This created a nice effect and I tried a repeat pattern but it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to.

I tried different techniques with other letters and compositions.


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