As part of the ‘form’ workshop we created marquettes using clay.

For my samples I experimented pressing textures into the clay and piercing holes through it to mimic the holes in my chosen ovject(grater). 

From these sample tiles I decided to make vessels using the same technique of pressing textures into the clay to imitate the grater texture. 

When I saw the mini collection of vessels I realised that a bigger collection would look better, so I moved forward by creating bigger vessels of different shapes.

I was inspired by the work of ceramicist Frances  Lambe. She created vessels and used a needle to poke hundreds of intricate dots into the clay which created a pierced effect.

I wanted to recreate a vessel like this with the texture of my grater, so I used a straw to poke holes through the clay. I had to use newspaper to support my vessel and achieve a spherical shape.

I think this one looks quite strange because it’s covered in holes.

I really enjoyed this workshop because I liked working with the clay and being able to create interesting objects.


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