Jewellery workshop

As part of the ‘form’ project we had a workshop in jewellery.

In this workshop we were tasked to create some samples using techniques used in making jewellery using basic everyday materials.

I was inspired by the collaboration project between Alexander McQueen and Shaun Leane. These two collaborated to produce quite tribal and oversized performance fashion pieces, but I was particularly inspired by the collars and jewellery the two produced.

I chose straws as my material because they are cheap, light and easy to work with and has the bright bold colour scheme that was throughout my drawings. I created lots of triangles with the straws and then made chains with the triangles. These chains acted as the layers  of the collar piece and would be layered on top of eachother to add volume.

My collar had a more geometric shape to it, which links to the hexagon shapes  I translated from my grater.

After all the layers of straw chains were added the piece grew in size and became quite a striking piece.

I love this piece because it’s bright and has lots of volume. 


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