As part of our ‘form’ project we had to create an exact replica of our chosen object, mine was a cheese grater.

I realised that this was going to be a difficult task because my object had lots of holes, angles and pattern.


I approached this task by noting the exact measurements of the grater to help me get an exact result. I drew 6 panels on white card and added tabs at the edges so that I could glue them together to form the body of the grater.

This technique failed the first time because the measurements were not exact enough. The shape produced needed to be more cone shaped like the real object, so I re measured and tried again. This time I got the shape that I was looking for. However this time before I stuck the panels together I decided to draw the pattern onto the pieces of card that needed to be cut out of the card. This was again done by using exact measurements from the object.

After the pattern had been drawn in I covered each panel in tin foil to imitate the aluminium matierial the grater was made from. Then I used a knife to cut the fine detail into the card.

I really like the effect this produced because it made my replica look very close to the real grater. 

However I left the hardest part last. I had to figure out a way to make the top part of the grater with the handle. I decided to try the same method as before, taking exact measurements of the object and drawing them onto card, making sure to add tabs around the sides to allow me to glue it together. Once I had cut these out I used a glue gun to join these panels because it was strong and fast drying. I had planned that the top would fit around the body I had already made, and it did.

I’m really pleased with the end result because I think it looks very similar to the real thing, however I think that the handle could have been made better. 

I enjoyed making this because it was a real challenge and pushed me to think about ways of making things and what materials would be appropriate.


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