Thoughts on Week 8 lecture

This weeks lecture was about Graphic Design&Illustration.


This part of the lecture was given by Christine and Bruce. They told us that to be successful in the illustration industry you have to be unique and have your own style to stand out. This was when I was introduced to the work of Marion Deuchars. Marion herself says that you must be unique and be a strong image maker to be successful.

Marion Deuchars Illustration
Jobs at the end of this course can be in publishing, Tv&film, packaging etc.

We looked at the work of graduates from Ulster University who have gone on to work for companies like Penguin, New York Times and John Lewis.

Graphic Design

This art of the lecture was given by Jill Spratt. She explained that graphic design is about working with images and words and how to tell a visual story through animation, photography, brand etc. The course teaches someone how to be creative and make a living from designing. Its full of competitions for students which generate great exposure and industry connections.

I was very interested n this lecture because I want to do this course in semester 2.


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