Influences- Calligraphy

Calligraphy has influenced me throughout my life since I was a child. I would watch in awe as my Grandad used ink to produce beautiful letterforms with ease. Since then typefaces such as Blackletter have attracted my attention because of the sophisticated and recognisable style of the letterforms, and how the letter could be made of thick and thin lines from the same stroke of the pen.  As a child I was handed down old Bibles and was drawn to the elaborate drop caps that body stood out from the page. These letters were highly decorative and detailed, I loved the classic and historical tone they created. 

Artists such as William Morris influenced me in my previous work to create original drop caps in his style. 
I noticed that the drop caps included more than just a letter form, most had illustrations of flordal designs and patterns, which I decided to replicate in my own style. 


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